Race Rules

RACE RULES 2013/2014

The Race Rules for the season 2013/2014 are now available.

One major modification this year is the integration of the former Race Procedures into the Race Rules. The Race Procedures were often ignored by the competitors although they were mandatory regulations. The Race Regulations Committee found it advisable to integrate them into a unique Race Rules document. All the rules from the former Race Procedures which were effective rules for the competitors have been integrated into the main text of the Race Rules. The rules from the former Race Procedures which were more geared toward the race organizers but which should also be known by the competitors have been grouped into an Annex at the end of the main text and before the appendix to the Race Rules.

The former Race Procedures are printed in purple on the new Race Rules .

The Race Regulations Committee has also made some recommendations to the Council to improve the existing rules. Among them you will note a new paragraph VI in Chapter One. It includes information about the acceptable size of the dog boxes. This information is often requested by competitors, judges and authorities.

The minimum age for competitors in distance races has been lowered to 16 years to reflect what is being done in major distance races already without problem and to be consistent with the minimum age in sprint 8-dog and Unlimited classes.

All these changes have resulted in a change of the numbering of the Race Rules.

All the proposed modifications have been approve by the IFSS Council and are printed in green on the attached pdf file.

In order to simplify the reading by those who are only interested in the rules concerning certain classes, the Race Rules are also published in files (booklets) pertaining to specific group of classes. Five booklets labeled A through E are available:

A: Sprint classes Race Rules

B: Distance classes Race Rules

C: Ski-Dogs classes race Rules

D: Canicross and Bikejoring classes Race Rules

E: Scooter and Rig classes Race Rules

The general rules (including Annex and Appendix) applying to these classes are repeated in each booklet so that each booklet is a complete set of rules for a given class. The original numbering of the rules has been kept in the booklets so that there is no misunderstanding when talking about one rule or another. The numbers of the rules which do not apply to the classes in a particular booklet are skipped or marked ???N.A.???. When a rule partially applies to the classes of the booklet, only the portion of the rule concerning these classes has been kept.

Those interested in the complete set of Rules such as Race Judges, clubs??? and federations??? officials, organizers, do not need to print or store the 5 booklets but can use the Race Rules All Classes file.


Bernard Pepin

Race Regulations Committee Chair


Booklets for competitors??:

Race Rules Part A Sprint

Race Rules Part B Distance

Race Rules Part C Ski-Dogs

Race Rules Part D Canicross and Bikejoring

Race Rules Part E Scooter and Rig

Full version for Race Judges, clubs, federations, RGOs??:

Race Rules All Classes

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