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Press Release: Closing of IFSS WCh Dryland 2013 Featured

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Falze Di Piave

November 17th, 2013

Following a weekend of sleddog racing which saw some very eventful and adrenaline fuelled moments, the IFSS can declare the 2013 World Championship Dryland Sleddog races held in Falze di Piave, Italy, November 7-9th a huge success.

After months of preparation the spectacular location of the forest park in Falze di Piave had been prepared for the IFSS World Championship Sleddog races attracting over 400 competitors, with over 2000 dogs from 22 different countries, where dog drivers tackled a demanding course of trails.


The competitors who took part at the IFSS World Championship event were athletes from all over the world who had competed at National Qualifying events in their own countries over the past two racing seasons.

The numbers of sleddog athletes continue to grow globally, as their passion for the sport instils itself into the hearts of others. Their love for their dogs and the mutual respect between fellow competitors was evident at all times over the weekend. Their mutual understanding of the trials and challenges that the sport of sleddog racing brings shone through during the occasional difficult obstacles that this event presented to them.

Excitement ruled the first day of racing as the relay classes took to the trails, with mere milliseconds between teams at the finish line. Spectators became involved in the adrenaline fuelled finish, with big rounds of applause for the competitors.

Trail conditions proved difficult on Saturday due to continuous rain, which rendered sections of the trail challenging to say the least with slippery surfaces causing both dogs and drivers to struggle to stay on their carts at times. Weather conditions continued to affect the races on Saturday with temperatures reaching in excess of 18 degrees Celsius, giving organisers no option but to cancel some of Saturday???s classes, thus causing the two day racing event to become a one day event for a few classes.

Sunday???s races continued, with the weather in the athletes and dogs favour, with temperatures staying below 10 degrees Celsius for the most part.

This IFSS World Championship event above all others in the past has been testimony to the fact that sleddog racing is for all ages including juniors, seniors and veterans. For many, the best experience gained at the event was the taking part, and the sportsmanship of the competitors.

Louis Van Der Westhuizen from South Africa, the oldest competitor at the races speaking to Mandy Hynes, IFSS Public Relations Officer said ???I have already won - I don???t need a medal???.

This World Championship event is a turning point for the IFSS with its new approach to its competitors and their needs. In the past year the IFSS has undergone some big changes, and true to their word this has been indicative in its immediate publications of race results and its continued updates since the event.

The closing ceremony was a shining example of the calibre of the athletes, with winning times far exceeding those of the past. Helen Lundberg, president of the IFSS closed the event, thanking everyone involved, whose combined efforts helped make this event a true testimony to the magic of the world of sleddog sports.



To contact the IFSS, all council members details are available on the website:

Please visit our faceboook page for photos of the event, and if you wish to receive the photos in high resolution, please email Mandy Hynes, IFSS Public Relations Officer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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