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Scandinavian Delegation Visiting Alaska

Published in Tuesday, 01 October 2013 09:07
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Scandinavian Delegation Visiting Alaska

All the mountains surrounding us have a white blanket on top… it has been raining off and on the last weeks in Willow, but on higher elevations it has been snowing. Winter is definitely approaching. We can only hope for some sunny crisp days before nature closes down and the first snowfall is upon us. 

During the past week a delegation of 16 race officials from Norway and Sweden have been visiting Alaska to learn of ways to improve the sport in their own countries.

“We have been wanting to do this trip for years, travel to Alaska and learn about their races and of course, learn what we can do better at home,” said Svanhild Pedersen, manager for Finnmarksløpet.

Svanhild was accompanied by Trond Anton Andersen (Head of press Finnmarkslopet), Per Aronsen (Chairman Finnmarkslopet), Gunnar Nilssen (Board member Finnmarkslopet), Roger Dahl (Board member Finnmarkslopet/president Alta Trekkhundklubb), Knut Sigurd Pettersen (Board member Finnmarkslopet), Per Trygve Holmgren (Manager Sparebank1 Nord-Norge), Håkon Haugan (NRK Norweigan Broadcast), Thomas Breen (Chairman Femundlopet), Jon Anders Kokkvoll (Femundlopet), Vanessa Quinche (Manager Femundlopet), Birgitta Holmgren (Tobacco Trail), Martin Wagenius (Amundsen Race), Helle Sörensen (Amundsen Race), Per Jordal (NRK Sport Norwegian Broadcast), Hanna Fredriksen (Chief Veterinarian Finnmarkslöpet) in the photo attached. 

They have had an excellent guide and travel companion while visiting Alaska, Mark Nordman the Race Director/Race Marshal for Idtiarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

The group had a very busy schedule trying to see as much as possible, so I was very happy when I was invited to dinner Wednesday night to meet with the group.

It was great meeting with race officials from Finnmarkslopet, the race who has applied to host IFSS World Championship on snow long-distance 2015. Finnmarkslopet has applied for both a senior and a junior event. Premier for the junior race will take place next spring 2014. It was a bonus to meet an old friend of mine, Birgitta Holmgren from Sweden, who was one of the delegates. We have known each other for over 20 years.

I really enjoy meeting people who I usually just contact via emails or by phone. Nothing, not even Skype, can compare with meetings in person. With only five weeks left before the World Championship in Italy, I am so much looking forward to meeting so many of you. Race organization has received the first entrants; 24 from Switzerland and 22 from UK, and more to come every day now. 

Days are getting shorter and somehow it looks to me that time is speeding up and flies by even faster, then comes fall. Weeks will go quickly and soon the racing season will be here, so if you have not yet started training…you better go out and get started…



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