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Happy Summer solstice!

Published in Thursday, 20 June 2013 19:18
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Happy Summer solstice!

Willow June 21, 2013

Hard to believe but now we have experienced yet another record when it comes to temperatures and this time it has been record hot! Yes, the National Weather Service recorded a new daily high for Anchorage on Tuesday June 18th when temperatures hit 81F (27C) degrees at the local forecast office. The previous daily high for June 18 was 80F (26C) in 1926. In Willow both dogs and people gasped since it got even warmer ??? our thermometer pointed at 95F (35C) in the shade???well I do not want to complain when we finally got summer but it is perfectly ok with more ???normal??? Alaskan summer temperatures??? Another record, maybe not as pleasant is the fact that bugs also enjoy the warm weather and mosquitoes in huge swarms attack furiously as soon as you go outside???actually we have quite a crowd indoors too???

Tomorrow we will celebrate ???midsommar??? summer solstice ??? longest day of the year???

Happy solstice to you all!


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